GCN Torque Monster - Targets?

Hello fellow SUF citizens, I hope you’ve suffered today.

I had my first go at the GCN Torque Monster session this morning. I’m using a dumb Kinetic Road Machine (with Assioma PM pedals), so I have to use the gears for resistance. I do find I’ll run out of gears, even in big/little (50x12) and can’t match higher power targets at low RPMs. I’ll end up doing 65rpm to 70rpm instead of 60rpm to be around threshold or into MAP.

For the two AC efforts in Torque Monster, the target shown was 412w and 130rpm (130rpm? Coach Henderson you nasty, nasty man!). I would again start at a very low cadence and keep digging. I ended up peaking at around 90rpm but 700w. For these efforts, is it just a case of going as hard as you can to chase the RPM, so ignore the power target? Or should I hold the power target once reached?

For the MAP efforts, my target was 346w with a cadence of 60. I found I could start at around 50rpm and accelerate up to 75rpm for each of the last 4 MAP efforts and end up holding around 450w, so well over target. Should I be backing off here? I thought I could hold good form (seated).

The GCN presenters on the video looked to be properly suffering but, whisper this in case GvA hears, I thought the targets on the session were reasonably comfortable to achieve. Average HR was 134bpm with a peak of 155bpm. For reference, the app says my LTHR is 158bpm.

Perhaps a visit to Full Frontal is needed, though Team Scream followed by Sub-Threshold 5x10 on Sunday morning gave me a good kicking so I don’t feel I’m cruising through every workout right now.

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Hi, @Harpoon.

Have you Suffered today?

This article may be of use. It doesn’t address your specific query, but it’s still worth reading.

I’m not a coach. Having said that, here’s my opinion: If you’re overshooting your MAP targets by 25-50%, you appear to need to retest. Go crush a Full Frontal! :facepunch: :sunglasses:

Does the Road Machine have any adjustability in its resistance? That might help you out. You could also try lowering the tire’s pressure a bit.

For the AC efforts you mentioned, starting out from easier gears, or downshifting (easier) as you build up your cadence, will allow you to keep a similar power at higher cadence. Doing workouts in Level Mode, which is similar to using a dumb trainer, requires lots of practice to find the best gear combinations for each type of effort. I usually write down some notes on that for future reference.

Good luck!

Edit: I believe that G.O.A.T. and Power Station are comparable to Torque Monster.


Hi Renzo - thanks for replying.

Friday is my day off the bike, so I “suffer” with Abi for a couple of yoga sessions.

I hadn’t seen that article, so time to put the kettle on and digest it. Could be one to print, laminate and put in the pain cave. There’s not a lot of adjustment in the Road Machine but I do hope to upgrade to a smart trainer before the year is out (once the stock situation and thus pricing improves for them in the UK).

I was thinking of a Full Frontal at the end of October to shape the winter training. Need time to prepare mentally for it!

Thanks again!

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