Scheduled Half Monty after a few days away from Bike

I am in the middle of the eSports plan and this tomorrow is a scheduled Half Monty with Primers today. Trouble is I have just got back from 4 days away and off a bike.

Am I going to be too fresh for the half monty tomorrow even with Primers today? Should I push it back a day?


Hey @MunkiiYebee ,
Go ahead and go for it. Sometimes life gets in the way of our training, no worries.
Let us know how it goes for you.



Slight misread of plan.

Today - Recovery Ride and Recovery Strength (Now Done)
Tomorrow - Primers
Thursday - Half Monty

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My nuimbers went down a little FTP -6 and MAP - 6. Whilst that is 95% down to me I have some feedback on the way HM communicates.

Whilst HM is a less strenuous test that FM and doesnn’t have the dreaded pacing issues of the 5 and 20 min part it does have an issue all of its own.

You want to increase your numbers and you know that is going to be tough so you push as hard as you can to the point where they go up. You are unlikely to be able to push a great deal harder than a 20 point increase in MAP unless your numbers were way out. The problem is the way it communicates your progress, it’s at the end of each 1min block.

That is not enough. I want to know were my new MAP figures are almost instantaneously, if my current MAP is 275 I am damn sure I’ll push through fire to at least get 275 but that knowledge is just not possible

I’m sure the creators of the HM have considered this so am I missing something?