You really need to have a service status page!

With the reliability of Wahoo Systm being quite suspect the past few weeks, I think the least they can do is provide a page or somewhere on the forum where we can check if there are problems with the app rather than waste time thinking it is our computer/internet/etc.

Please do the decent thing and let us know when you are having issues and not waste any more of your paying customers time than you need to.

Its not that hard to do, just be transparent and look after your customer base. You’ll get loads of respect for it and we’ll know where we stand.

But of course for it to work it has to be kept up to date, otherwise it will do more harm than good.

Do the right thing wahoo, look after your current paying customers


Hell hath no fury like a Sufferlandrians’s scorn! Point to Systm, mentioned by @FullGasForSure - many of us have family commitments and to fit in a session is harder work than the session most of the time. So if we plan it and commit to it around work, chores, kids, kids tennis, basketball, homework, keeping one’s better half happy, then, put some RnD into making it more reliable.
However, lesson learnt, download session the day before. I have had great gains on Systm recently, don’t make me look at TrainerRoad and its adaptive training!!


+1 for this although really I’d like to see some sort of system status within the app itself rather than having to check a web page.

Surely when the app loads it would be easy enough to ping out to a wahoo server and read the status of some red/amber/green flag(s).


Something like this would be rather good:


Systems these days should be providing automatic notifications of problems. Certainly, whatever underlying cloud or CDN system they are using does. I sure hope they are not hosting their own servers.


When I was poking around things during the recent video download issues, I was finding a number of servers hosted in AWS running Heroku. Heroku is meant to be PaaS but I don’t know much about it as a platform to know if those AWS nodes are Heroku or Wahoo managed.

My perception here is that it is 18 months since Wahoo acquired Sufferfest. I believe Wahoo is the market leader in indoor bike training on unit sales. Therefore my expectation is that availability should now be representative of being a big brand now. It’s not some “plucky underdog” (with no intention to be rude there) or niche app anymore. The underlying platform needs to be representative of a brand leader.


Building on a PaaS platform would make sense for them, they should keep their infrastructure management to a minimum. A CDN would minimize latency for downloading videos.

You still, however, have to build your application. Calendar synchronization issues are an example. If I make changes to the calendar on my Windows machine, they do not permanently propagate to my iPad. What do I mean? The changes appear briefly on calendar startup, and then disappear. This happens consistently. If I add to the calendar on the iPad, they appear on my Windows machine. Synchronization is no longer an esoteric software problem. It is a well know problem with distributed applications.

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They don’t advertise it, but if you Google Wahoo Systm Status they have a good page showing all the services that make the platform work


Thank you, that’s quite helpful :slight_smile:

Agreed - great fine.

Status page isn’t worth much since it’s saying there were no incidents on Monday and there most definitely were issues.

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“Streaming Video 2 London” was red on Monday with a service Quality of 83,28% reflecting the slight freezes I had doing Yoga on my Android TV. The longer holds were quite nice. Only Wild Thing had me slightly worried at some point…
Probably Incidents have to be more severe or they don’t use the feature.

It also shows that for the Systm API service, there were only 7 days since 14th December that it had 100% uptime. That’s not great for a critical / core component of your platform.

When looking at it yesterday, it did show issues with specific services on Monday, so was doing is job as a real-time awareness to.

APIs were reporting down for a brief period yesterday as well, and you can set up an RRS feed of you do want to track regularly.

It tells me that the minions are tracking these things and doing what they can with what they’ve got.
We all want it better, if not perfect, but for me, I keep seeing improvements and updates based on feedback, so I’m happy that Systm/Sufferfest is still doing what I want from the service and enhancing it.

Cheers Minions

With 83% I would exepect it to work more or less, on Monday it didn’t work at all (tried for almost 30 minutes and then gave up)

Nothing was logged an ‘incident’ so it just didn’t work but nobody knows why? That makes it even worse.

What does the API do? It was red today when I did my training but everything went fine (except my TICKR, I swear Wahoo doesn’t want my business anymore because the wife’s Bolt is buggy as hell as wel)

If I had the time I would install a network monitor and watch the traffic between the app and the server. Even if the messages are encrypted, it should yield information since you know what you are trying to do.

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Agreed have had numerous sessions stopped had to reset, get off the bike etc even had to power down iPad on numerous downloads as they spun into infinity, this week better, but I never had to download Sufferfest it just streamed dunno for a big shop?

It would be a good feature. I’d like to be able to reliably load and play the videos, which has been an issue with the new app.

Couldn’t agree more. I am struggling to recommend SYSTM because of these reliability issues. Building a reputation takes a long time (The Sufferfest has done so successfully), but it can be lost extremely quickly. Get your act together, Wahoo!


Did we see things we shouldn’t have? The status link above returns 404 Not Found for me now…