Secret New Feature => Age Based Intervals

Normally mid-interval, I’m dutifully chewing stem. Today however, while doing my chores, I wistfully glanced at the interval graph, thinking to myself how great it would be to never ever need to do chores again.

I discovered why the Minions have left such a large blank area to the right side of the interval graph. That is the expansion zone, the area left to accommodate the Sufferlandrian interval time warp. I managed to get a screenshot of this elusive, top-secret, age-based interval feature. Remember, you saw it here first. And you can thank me later.


that looks fun :rofl:

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Here’s the chart when not mid-interval. The time-warp disappears and normal time and interval display occurs.


That is SERIOUS Time Warp!!!

Ooh I think I’ve seen this feature. Certainly it felt like it.
I love the way that it jacks up your interval power to 150% of the target watts too.

They’re so kind to us, these guys. So kind.

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And the older we get, the longer those intervals become. You’re not just imagining it! As we gain experience, we get additional suffering condensed into the same normal time and space. How cool is that!