Selflandria, the new border to explore

Hi fellow Suferlandrians,

I read a lot of forum posts where everyone has the same question: what to do when I have completed a training plan and achieved my goal (or not).
Most Sufferlandrians are mentally activated by a taste for challenge and result.
But all coaches say it takes a period of rest, physical and mental regeneration while maintaining a level of physical fitness.
If we don’t follow this advice, we don’t feed our needs but we feed our ego and we are on the way to burnout or boreout.
This is the right period to activate other mental skills that allows us to feed our deep needs (other than challenges) and develop creativity to finally visualize a new Mt Sufferlandria.
That doesn’t mean crossing the border of Couchlandria but rather the border of Selflandria.
Maybe in further versions, The Sufferfest could offer contents and a specific and stimulating training plan for these transitional periods in Selflandria.
Inspirational films have shown the way, but it should be more specific to everyone’s tastes and needs.
They could do a questionnaire to define 4 or 5 profiles and propose training plans with specific inspiring fims (or other supports) for each profile: science (videos on the science of training), nature, taste for relationships (best of Tour of Sufferlandria), taste for music, etc.
Let’s free our creative energy in Selflandria to cross the border of Sufferlandria with clear mind and focus on our Mt Sufferlandria.