Sufferlandrian on vacation

I am new to cycling and I actually started on the trainer during pandemic lockdowns.

As a result pretty much all my riding has genuinely been in Sufferlandria. Funny to think about!

Well, lockdown restrictions are lifting, though travel bans remain, but I finally got away for my first actual outdoor experience, where every second day for about a month, I’d ride about 80km on gravel.

As a Sufferlandrian on vacation for the first time I noticed a few things:

  • It’s great to be outdoors
  • These outdoor things tend to be much longer than the indoor ones
  • A Sufferlandrian has a turbo-ass, that sometimes kicks in automatically and can upset other people on vacation
  • To clarify, a turbo-ass is something that gets one across terrain and up hills faster

Now I’m back home, and of course I was immediately curious to see what a month of riding meant in terms of progress for my return to Sufferlandria. This means jumping straight into something like 9-hammers to feel the comforts of ‘back home’…

…and bloody hell, it nearly killed me!!! This surprised me, given the amount of outdoor riding I’d been doing - and left me with feelings of regression.

Nothing for it but to start another MAP block and make myself worthy of my old 4DP numbers again.


Great to hear your suffering has paid off! Finding the right balance between indoor and outdoor is always tough when you want to enjoy your rides but follow structured training too!
Here are some things to consider between indoor and outdoor training numbers etc:

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