Service Disruption Notice - Issue Now Resolved

Hi everyone!

At approximately 4:52am EDT our cloud servers became unavailable to incoming requests, resulting in SYSTM athletes getting logged out of the SYSTM app and unable to login again. A defect was discovered in a recent upgrade that caused server processes to become unresponsive. Fortunately, the cloud servers were back online processing requests and allowing users to log in again at 5:45am EDT.

I want to apologise on behalf of the team for any inconvenience and frustration caused by the outage. As SYSTM users ourselves, we quite literally feel your pain - I was unable to complete a planned seated sprint workout and I was seeing red, as I’m sure some of you were too.

Fortunately, the, ah, systems we have in place allowed us to raise the right team members (who were sound asleep) and resolve the issue within ~60min. We hope issues like this won’t happen again, but if they do we will work quickly to resolve them.

To quote Abi, now you can move back into your day! :biking_man:


Did this happen again today, right now and what can be done to restore my profile and data? Need a customer service line to resolve issues like this

I just restarted the computer and the issue resolved on the restart!!

To the IT system guys, I’m profoundly grateful to you too!!! Cheers

Thanks for the information Sir @gpsjared. Always good to have a bit of transparency on the issues that occur and the response mechanisms you have in place.

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Need help with my account. Not sure what happened, but I can’t schedule a plan beyond Jan 2 and my monthly subscription is confirmed in account.