Session completion confusion

Hmmm… so I just did “Half the Road” (great movie, makes me want to sponsor womens cycling team) - I used my iPad for this session and completed the session.

However, the session does not appear in the training plans screen on the iPad. On the iPad, I can see the session completed in the passport. Strange!

Equally strange, my Mac (running sufferfest app, same account), does not show the session in either the calendar or the passport.

I’m wondering what’s going on here? Will this self fix or do I need to do something? [hopefully ‘something’ is not having to do ‘Half the Road’ again, as good a movie it is, I’m exhausted!! …having done this in the middle of a MAP block!!!]

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Fantastic job getting Half The Road done! We are happy to dig into this for you and can help you get it sorted out. Can you submit a help ticket: Submit a request – Sufferfest Support and we’ll be in touch quickly!

I’ve had this happen before - logging out and back in again fixed it for me. Worth a try!

Thanks for the tips. The next yoga session I did on the iPad updated both Half the Road and the yoga session I’d just done. Almost as though HtR was buffered, and needed a push out from the next session.

All seems well again!