Session not transferred to calendar?

I did a session yesterday on the turbo instead of the planned outdoor ride. At the end of the session I saved it as normal and it is recorded in my passport but doesn’t appear on the calendar? Any ideas?

Same here - I did “Half The Road” which was on the ToS Intermediate Prep plan for yesterday. It appears in my passport and transferred to Strava OK but not appearing in the calendar. It’s just disappeared from the calendar altogether i.e. not greyed out like a missed session. Odd!

Still, the session is on Strava so it did happen! :grinning:

Might be worth checking your calendar via the web app (The Sufferfest), see if it’s there. If it is then try logging out/in of the app, that sorts a lot of things. If not then it’s one for the minions Need help with The Sufferfest App? Contact the minions for fast support!


Thanks - yes, it is on the web app. Logging off and on to the PC app has fixed it there too.


On the iPad app there is a refresh button in the top right hand corner.

Still no joy with mine, looks like an email to the minions!

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It sometimes helps to add a note to your workout in the passport. Once you do that re-share it and see if it syncs.

All good now! There was a glitch in the system apparently which the minions sorted out. All data is now where it should be!! Thanks again to all who contributed.