Setup the Calendar

Good afternoon everyone! I just released “System”, and I have some serious doubts.

Is it possible to configure the days of the week to carry out the workouts?
Since I do mountain bike medicine, he dedicates his weekends to outings in the mountains with his clubmates. I would like to train with “System” only from Monday to Friday, including that Monday should be rest for me.
In other words, is it possible to select or accommodate the “System” workouts with real life and mountain outings? Can training days be excluded or indicated?

Excuse my groin, which is really bad and I have used a well-known translator …

Good pedaling!

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Hi @AlexPages and welcome.

First of all your “grammar” is absolutely fine considering you used a translator. Your groin is altogether a different matter😀.

Regarding a training plan - you could try something like the MTB Season Prep Marathon plan. The moderate volume has Monday as a rest day and indoor rides on a Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Weekends are a mix of indoor and outdoor rides and you can always swap the indoor weekend rides with an additional outdoor ride.


Thank you very much for the advice¡¡,
I will try the plan that you recommend, because it is also the one that interests me the most …

P.S. it will also be good for my groin … ja, ja, ja…

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