Ability to select training days

Hi there,

I’m a convert to Wahoo Systm from Zwift, as I think the training rides here are much better! However, one issue I face is that I want to be able to specify which days I workout on, rather than just having it dictated to me, or having to manually reschedule everything in the calendar.

Do others face the same problems, or am I just completely missing that this is available?!


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@Andyb431 Not available - I reschedule as well. I am not sure if that is on the roadmap and if so what the timing is but I suspect they are aware of it since some competitors have that feature.

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I came from Zwift a couple of years ago for SYSTM’s 4DP plans and vids, which are way better than Zwift for my purposes. About the only thing you can do with the plan calendar is choose the start day. The default is a Monday assuming a 5 day workweek starting on Mon and schedules longer and higher TSS rides on Sat-Sun. You can change the start day to something other than a Mon, say a Wed, then the longer workouts would fall on Mon and Tue. Otherwise, you can drag and drop workouts on the calendar as you see fit.