Show FTP line in workout graph in workout description

Would be great if the workout could show my personal FTP line in the graph which is currenly shown in the description of a workout.

That way I can have a better judgement upfront on the intensity of the workout.
I’m aware of the TSS and IF values, but still would be great to see my FTP line in the graph as well, like shown in the graph during the workout.

Agreed - that would be helpful. As a workaround, I often will just run the video for a few minutes the day before the workout to see where the efforts will be relative to FTP. I then just delete the workout.

That is indeed a possibility. Thanks for the tip.
Still hoping on the dynamic graph in the description as well :wink:

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Blue sections are at or below FTP. Yellow are between FTP and MAP. It seems easy enough to imagine where the FTP line would fall based on those intervals.

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Blue is anything between zero and 105% (?) of FTP. Kind of a wide range …

Also, why show the line during the workout but not before? Seems odd.

I agree, I actually wish that recovery sections (ie 50% or less) were green or something and that could be another metric we could manually adjust. I run many workouts with reduced intensity recoveries (eg last time I did AVDP I did the recoveries in level mode so ended up around 35-40% FTP), it’d be great to be able to reduce the recovery sections manually without having to keep switching between level/ERG mode. Not a massive issue but it would be nice!

I also think it’d be nice to have the white FTP line on the pre-workout graph.

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I’d like to see a line or two. But then there’s quite a lot more I’d like to. So much so that I hacked together a workout viewer/analyzer thingy a while back. It has lines and green and a few other things mentioned (recovery adjustment) and some not (like editing of individual segments). Before anybody asks, no, you can’t have it, sorry. And, no, that’s not The Omnium (because editing SUF workouts would get me into even more trouble with GvA… :wink: )

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Nice work James. And yes… definitely not The Omnium. You can tell… That wide orange bit about 2/3 of the way through is clearly not the kilo… nope… :wink:


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Wide orange bit? Nope, nothing to see there (other than what a massive effect it has on Totally Silly Score) :wink:


Good shout…I always go into the workout itself to find out the actual % age…this would really help

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