Simple easy ride

Hi team. I am still new although i have built a training plan etc and all is good. BUT there are days I just want to do a simple flat ride and just go for distance yet monitor all my stats. I hve yet to see where or which app to use to do this. Any help would be appreciated…I am sure I am missing it somewhere…using KICKR v5

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You have a couple of options here:

  • pick any workout (maybe based on the length of time you want to ride for) and put your trainer in Level mode. Then you can adjust your intensity using cadence, gearing, and by adjusting the level.
  • the Open: series of workouts (e.g., Open: 60) have a constant power target when you run them in ERG mode. You can adjust this up or down using the intensity adjustment in the app to get the desired effort level.

For all of these, if you’re not interested in the footage, you can put SYSTM into Mini-Player mode and watch whatever else you want to, while still seeing your data on-screen.

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RGT is part of the Wahoo X sub so you could just do a ride there. Some routes are short and flat. Some are longer with not too much elevation. There’s also the option to upload a GPX file of your own from an irl ride you’ve done on a flat route using the RGT Magic Roads.

My club ride is just about 75 km and has just over 100 metres gain. I’ve done that on magic roads and it’s almost as boring as it is in real life :wink:

Edit: here’s a bunch of info on RGT to get you going.

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I’ve done this with some of the Endurance no-vid rides. There’s an Endurance 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5. So you can ride as much as 5 hours uninterrupted. If you do them in ERG mode you’ll do a long Zone 2 ride. Or you can just stick it in level mode and ride to feel. I’ve sometimes done that while watching a stage of a live race while riding them. You can also dual record by connecting to Z----t or RGT at the same time so you have some appropriate scenery. Or like others have said, you could take regular videos like ISLTA or Cobbler, etc, and turn down the levels or put it in level mode.


Well, that’s something i didn’t know!! very useful…


Thank you. I actually tried the open 60 and put it into level mode. That was exactly what I was looking for!


Thanks, I will try it out too.