Erg mode on off

Hi i have wahoo kickr core i just signed up for systm . To do inital fitness test says switch off erd modec. How do i ro that

If you are on a PC or Mac, you can use the number keys on the keyboard. Press the back-tick ` for ERG, and 0 through 9 are the levels.

On a tablet or phone, use the gear icon. Under the Kickr you can select the type of resistance to use, ERG or level.


Just expanding on Sir Brian’s correct response. On a tablet (or phone), tap on the screen and gear icon will appear in the top right. Tap it and make sure your in the Devices section. Find the KICKR in the device list and select ERG or Level as he suggests. Level 1 will suffice for most people. You might have to experiment to select the right gear and cadence. Once you’ve found a decent gear, you will generally adjust difficulty (and heart rate in the HM test) by adjusting cadence.


@Sir_Brian_M @AkaPete @Mkshee1 Thankfully I would point out that the carat/0-9 works on a tablet too, if you’ve paired a keyboard. At least in iPadOS.

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I thought so as well - was glad to discover it worked. Frankly the “tap the gear, find the menu, change ERG to level” thing on mobile devices is…not ideal. Especially when you’re riding. (No offense Minions, just a bad solution).


Is gear icon found in the wahoo app or systm app cant find whay your all suggesting. I have 2 apps wahoo black box with wahoo word and blue box with systm wording. I went to do the 4dp test and noted it best to switch of ERG mode , well thst was 3 hours ago and now given up and wishing id stuck with zwift

In the SYSTM app, when you start a workout, there’s a gear icon on the upper right corner (iPhone screenshot here but pretty similar under Windows and other OS I guess)

Under there you can connect devices and choose ERG or which level.


Sorry you are having a frustrating experience. Just so you know, all of the responses on your request are from fellow users of SYSTM and not employees of Wahoo.

That said, the 4DP test is worth taking, as it gives you much more insight into your abilities. Also Zwift and SYSTM are not really comparable. The primary goal of SYSTM is to provide the most effective platform for indoor training.

Zwift is focused primarily on being a social platform. You are still getting exercise but it’s not necessarily ideal for helping you train effectively.


@Mkshee1 Go into the app, select library and then how to videos and follow the instructions in this video: