into week 3 of MAP block and I am getting disturbed sleep, slow dropping off then waking after an hour with restless legs an ache somewhere , or just have an overwhelming need to get up and move around rather than sleep.This morning did not go to bed until nearly 3am.
base, and tempo blocks actually increased my need for sleep,(8-9 hours) things fell back to normal during FTP block. (7-8 hours)
Any help or advice would be appreciated

Possibly over training? I thought that was associated with poor sleep?

I agree, although over-training is also often referred to as ‘under-resting’, but at any rate, hard to tell for sure.

Do you monitor resting HR, HRV, or other HR metrics, like during the night, or do you see HR bounce out of normal ranges when training?

No other stress factors, like lock down or work/personal related?

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AVDP had me within 2 beats of Max last weekend, and I equalled it on the 40/20 MAP workout on Tue. It does not seem correct to avoid MAP sessions because I do not sleep well afterwards, there must be a mechanism to cope. My daily energy seems fine, eating is fine but things are not fine without good recovery.

Do you have a fav yoga routine, smelly pillow drops, exotic bedding , meditation sequence or anything else that may work.?

I switch on Endel ( when I turn off the lights.

Seems to me something might be wrong in/with your training. Can be fatigue induced, possibly other health factors, or parameters being off.

It’s a vicious circle: perhaps it started with a work out that didn’t fall well on a bad day, you didn’t sleep well as a result, the next workout adds more stress, you sleep even less well…

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Hey @alchurch,

It sounds like you under-recovered after a session and haven’t been able to catch up. I’d recommend inserting some unplanned recovery spinning and if you’re still not sleeping well and not feeling back up to par by the weekend, then maybe start your recovery week early as well. Better to look out for your long term health now- you can always re-try the MAP block at a later date.
The best sleep aid that I’ve found is tart cherry juice- delicious AND effective!
Good luck and keep us posted on how you’re doing!


As hard as it is to take, you can quickly dig yourself into a hole if you keep going hoping it’ll be ok.

Get some extra rest and look after yourself.


Yesterday no ride, just yoga, 3 naps during the night of 50-60 mins, recovery ride today.HR started low for me, 41 bpm, it usually hits 60 by the time I have walked to pain cave and swung a leg over crossbar. Averaged out at 88 bpm so recovery ride done , hopefully sleep tonight , yoga only tomorrow, a block of 3 serious rides then a recovery week, may thrown in the FF prep week as a 2nd recovery week before I sit down and review my goals. Thank you to all who have replied , your support is much appreciated

Are you doing the harder MAP sessions in the morning or in the evening closer to bed?

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I usually have a late breakfast, wait until I have been to the loo then I am ready to go, late morning and finish no later than mid afternoon.

I have this during training plans, especially after MAP rides. Legs feel like they are out somewhere on a ride!
I try to get round it by a couple of extra recovery sessions with low intensity and higher cadence, along with a few sessions on the foam roller working only my legs. That helped me a lot. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:
I also heard bananas are great for it, due to high magnesium. But that could be a fib. I like em anyway so it all helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


Things are balancing out now, getting sleep.Thank you all who have contributed