So THAT’s what a blender feels like



I had Blender, for the first time, on Friday. I felt kinda tired going in to it but nothing like how I felt half an hour later.
The warmup beat me up, I just about managed the first threshold interval. The first MAP effort needed a couple of stops to get through it, then I threw in the towel.

If you made it, chapeau!

It’s now a nemesis workout. Needs revisiting, and @Coach.Neal.H, I still hate you. Which isn’t good since my plan has me coming up to visit you this week!


@leebo RIGHT? I had a 120 open Saturday, then a GCN warmup and Blender on Sunday. pretty gassed even going in.

Also struggled in the initial FTP sets. Funny, really how I perked up for the 40/20’s (sprinter anyone?).

I did make it through, but my numbers are far from fresh.