Original Blender

Anyone tried this new novid? Wow it’s hard, I didn’t make it.


Yeah, I tried it last weekend, and yeah, it was hard. Especially the 2nd set with the 2min Map! Thank goodness there weren’t any Pain Shakes in it!

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What is different? I have done Blender several times over the last few years. I probably hit the targets fully only 1/3 of the time, and that is maybe towards the end of a training block when my FTP has actually gone up. I agree it is hard!! But is the novid different? Your comment “Original Blander” implies that the Blender has changed?

Yeah the ‘original version’ was released as part of a batch of new NoVids a few months ago, it’s very different - 2 sets of 10/8/6/4/2mins just below to just above threshold with 2 minute recoveries and then 7 max sprints at the end

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OK, I wanted a longer session yesterday so went in to the “original Blender” session with high hopes. It kicked my ass to a horrible failure at about 1:34 in. I think I got through the first half ok but OMG.
I was having to take so many short stops in the second half to get my legs back that I finally decided to throw it in. (the towel).
I have been doing fine with most sessions, including 9 hammers, the sub threshold 2 x 20 min no vid session, etc.
Should I be alarmed that I couldn’t get through this one? Should I give it another go in a week or so after regrouping?

yup, I failed miserably yesterday and you can see my synopsis above in a comment.

Hi @Brutis, welcome.

I don’t think you need to be alarmed. It sounds like this is one tough session, one which I have not yet tried. It’s relatively old, so may not have been fine-tuned like some of the newer ones.

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Blender is really, really tough. I typically fail to hit the high NM targets but manage the rest. I have been successful late in a 12-week program when my FTP has actually gone up a bit. I do think it is a valuable workout.