Probably not a good idea to do Blender today after Butter yesterday. I am having to fit the TOS plan around work and certainly felt the absence of a days break in the legs. But it’s great workout and once I was at the half way point I was determined to finish that turning to desperation near the end :grin:


I’ll admit it absolutely flattened me today. I had to bail on the last TT and fast forward to the cool down.

A Suf classic, IMO.


I also cracked on the final TT…

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I did FF last Saturday so was expecting to maybe flame out on the pain shakes today but just got through, then was surprised that I rolled easily through the TTs (guess SYSTM is right to call me a Time Trialist). I give credit to the extra Homer watts I unlocked: Uh, I’m somewhere where I don’t know where I am - Equipment - SYSTM Forum (

One mental trick that helps me feel confident to get through Blender is that once you’re past the road races you’ve finished 30 minutes of “work” and there’s only 21 minutes left to go, so I tell myself that I’m pretty much there already.


Blender crushed me today… I really wanted to bail on the last TT but I figured I had come this far… :wink:

One thing that annoys me is not many workouts, and Blender is no exception, where can I go to get a detailed description of what the workout entails?


Just completed this one for the first time today. I was up for it and it was tough but ok. Must admit I was a bit apprehensive but a psyched myself up and made sure I had some fuel for each half an hour which I think really helped. My choice of fuel was dates and peanut butter toast before hand. The first of the 3 blocks of six sprints at the end I found tougher than the middle or final set, which was weird as they were at lower power but longer I think.

I started SYSTM in December so im roughly halfway through the general programme. Have to say im loving it and it’s been a real game changer for me. Especially the pedal technique from the elements of style session I think has been excellent and no doubt released some extra watts and improved overall position. Amazing what good technique can unlock I guess.

I do wonder if the training I’ve done already has started to have such an impact that my 4dp profile needs an update. Think I have half monty next week so guess I’ll have an indication then. But blender was great… tempted to say I loved it… nearly…