Specific videos & workouts named after the rider types

I was thinking about the newer SUF videos, which have names like “Recharger,” “Attacker,” “Cobbler,” or even “Defender.” I wanted to drop the idea to create videos named after the SUF rider types. So far, we only have “Attacker,” but how about “Sprinter,” " Pursuiter", “Climber,” and “Rouleur”?
What I have in mind are workouts of the different names and workouts that specifically play in the cards for the specific rider types. A workout that really pushes you to your (specific) abilities but at the same time lets you bark in the glory of your personal strengths. So if a “Pursuiter” rides the “Pursuiter,” he/she should feel that it’s a hard workout but leaves him/her with a smile on the face. At the same time, the very same workout would be hard for, e.g., a “Sprinter” because lacking … uhm … Pursuiter abilities…"
You get the idea. Maybe we already have these workouts, but they are not names as such. But on the other hand, you can never have enough variety in the SUF workout video collection. And personally, I don’t think that “Violator” specifically supports “Sprinters” just because of the sheer amount of sprints.
I did not want to post it into the feature request section because I don’t want to bother the IT guys with any stupid video ideas. If this topic was better placed there, please feel free to move this topic.


I like this idea. Maybe add the type in ( ) after the video title i.e. “The Long Scream” (Time Trialer).

So if you’re a Pursuiter you have to do Omnium at least once each week. :grin:


Easy enough!

Rouleur = Kitchen Sink?

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OMG :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: please not! Or I need to work on becoming another rider type :rofl: