Taper Efforts 55 minute workout needs video please

I’m enjoying Sufferfest immensely! So much so, that I rarely even go back to Zwift or RGT. It’s been just Sufferfest and outdoor riding and it’s wonderful.

Midway into the pre 4D workout week, I did one called “taper efforts”. Wonderful workout, but without the video, (even listening to workout music), it was sssooooo long. Not that 55 minutes of cycling is hard, but staring at a black screen with only the stats, targets and graph to keep me company was true suffering lol.

I totally realize these super cool videos can’t be cheap, quick or easy to make, but this particular workout needs something to keep one’s mind occupied… Anything would be better than the black screen. It could be an excellent time to insert a nice long instructional video on Sufferfest itself, and the training methods employed, how they benefit the rider, the 4D test and rider types, etc. By the time this workout 'taper efforts" comes along, the newbie like me, has already completed the 14 day intro workout, and is looking forward to the 4D workout to see what rider type I might be classified as.

I’m with you. There are some classic training sessions that come up so frequently that having a video for them would be GREAT and Taper Efforts is one of those. It shows up in most every training plan as we prep for an event or for Full Frontal (which is kinda like an event anyway).

In the “Before Times” when there were no No-Vid sessions in the app, training plans would have us do Mini-Blender and stop riding after the AC efforts. You could give that a shot but it is a fair bit more intense than Taper Efforts so consider yourself warned.

Glad you are enjoying Sufferlandria. If you haven’t heard, you can never leave :slight_smile:

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Thanks Glen!

Definitely digging it… First time ever doing structured training and it seems to really make cycling workouts feel like I’m making progress compared to just going out and riding with no plan, or going all out full gas for hours on end.

The videos are great. Love em. I wonder if GCN would be willing to offer some up for use in the no vid workouts? Hmmm Simon, you out there?

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If enough people upvote this, you never know. There is a workout called The Bat (if you haven’t done it, you ought to). It’s brilliant. It incorporates stuff from the Mental Toughness Plan into a video that is really quite a challenge but very rewarding to complete.

It was initially released as a No-Vid workout called Batman Intervals, if you look at the ride profile you’ll see why. It was sooooo popular and so many of us clamoured for a video for it, GvA heard our cries and lo and behold Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS took Sir @Coach.Neal.H’s training tool and has given us a fantastic and well loved vid session.

Now, Taper Efforts (except for the MicroIntervals themselves) isn’t overly taxing and it is intended not as a training session but as a preparation session. However, so is Primers which does give us some video footage to watch while we get ready to CRUSH whatever we do the next day, we just have to find our own music. I’m cool with that.


I voted for this, but I would even just love some “filler”, like classic race footage or the like. Phil and Paul yapping about something on a stage of the TdF, old Eddy Merckx, olympic track, whatever. Not even anything instructional, just edit together a video to session length.

From my (limited) observations, it seems to me that SUFF tends to draw a more cycle-nerd crowd than some other apps [cough VIDEO GAME cough]. Can’t imagine I’m the only one this would appeal to.

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I think your prayers have been answered … the new Taper video looks like the same structured workout, but now with video!


Had to take a quick look at this one, as the topic came up. From what I saw, it looks great! Getting those good Recharger-vibes, and suspect it may be signed Sufferfest VideoMaster @Francois-Wahoo :slight_smile:


Hey @toddsdonald, checkout Tapers in the revamped app :heart:


+1 on this, had the new Tapers video this morning. Good stuff.


Ah, so Taper efforts is now caled tapers, and has a video? Excellent! ANd the original is there as a no-vid workout taper 40/20, 30/30 etc

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Very happy to see a video for Tapers, now! :partying_face:


It’s a great mix of classic and new SUF with some cameos from a few fan favorites. I won’t spoil it for you. :+1:

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From the brief look I had earlier today, it looked so intriguing I decided I have to do a Full Frontal this weekend as an excuse to try Tapers. And WOW! Absolutely no disappointment there! It definitely had the Sufferfest spirit!

If more Sufferfest videos like this are launched eventually, then any worries I might have had concerning the survival of Sufferlandria are put to rest.