Speed (and therefore virtual power) massively overestimated?

Loving the workouts so far, but I absolutely cannot match virtual power and cadence - if I get the cadence, the virtual power is too high.

I’m on a dumb trainer, with a wahoo speed/cadence sensor.
In an effort to check things out, I linked the sensor to my watch as well as Sufferfest (ANT+ to SUF, bluetooth to the watch!). Wheel diameter the same on both.
The speed reading (and consequently distance travelled) were wildly different! generally 5 m.p.h faster on SUF, with a 3 mile difference at the end.

No wonder my virtual power is way over!

Any ideas why this happens?

When you set up virtual power you should get an option to select “speed” or “sufferspeed “ the latter is calculated from virtual power so is likely to be different to the speed reported by your speed sensor.

I’m also on a dumb trainer ( 10 year old Tacx Sirius) with Wahoo speed and cadence sensors, and find that I have to use all my gears to get the cadence and speed to match. At very high power sometimes I just don’t have a gear big enough to get the cadence down below 70rpm likewise during rest intervals my cadence is usually below the target as my lowest gear isn’t low enough.

May want to email the minions - they may suggest a different trainer than the one you selected. Virtual power tends to be over stated - once you get a power meter or a Smart Trainer you’ll get more accurate numbers.

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Hey @BeckyB welcome to the forum! Please reach out to the minions. They should be able to take a closer look at your data and help get things sorted.

I am considering a smart trainer :slight_smile:

i was just bewildered how the readings were so different on the different devices from the same sensor!