1st time on SYSTM

Hi - just finished 1st Systm ride ‘told off by angels’. Found I was in top gear and pedaling at 125RPM most of the time just trying to hold relatively low power numbers. FTP setting was correct. Is there something I was doing wrong or a setting on Wahoo to be adjusted?

Were you in ERG (if you have it) or level mode?

What equipment do you have and are you sure it was all correctly connected?

If your FTP setting was correct, what about your other 4DP values?

Thanks for reply. I set up to ride on my laptop by downloading the workout. I also had the Wahoo app open on my phone not realising it was in ERG mode so turned it off top stop interference and just kept going with Systm on laptop - should I be using the app as well? Kicker v5 connected fine. Haven’t done 4DP test yet - just started Systm free trial yesterday and inputted my FTP to get going.

It might be the Wahoo app on your phone had grabbed the Bluetooth connection and was setting its own ERG value. Make sure it’s off before starting up SYSTM next time. Support is also excellent at sorting out any issues if you need them but you’ll get a lot of good advice here to try and get you going.

You definitely don’t need to use the Wahoo Fitness app as well. Probably best that you don’t.

It could be interesting to see what your other 4DP values are, or if you are basing your workouts on FTP only.

Look in your athlete profile for the other values.

Thanks - will make sure to turn fitness app off next time. I inputted FTP manually at 266 just to get started. My other 4DP values seem to set automatically after the ride at 316MAP, 365AC & 609NM - does this look right? It felt weird to be pedaling so fast in top gear all of the time.

Ok, that looks like a reasonable set of numbers.

Were you in ERG mode controlled by SYSTM?

No, not at the same time as using the web based platform, use one or the other as they are the controlling drivers for the platform, especially when in ERG mode.
Same with your headunit, use it in passive mode, it will still show you numbers in larger detail if you are using your phone to run the platform.

Yes was using ERG mode. Thanks for replies - I’ll try another spin without the app and see that sorts it.

Looks like the “Getting Started” videos that were in the old app do not exist anymore. They were a good way to make sure you were set up correctly.

I think they’re still there bubt you have to search by channel - they don’t show up in the Cycling section.

Yes they are in a separate channel, but judging by their titles, and looking at one or two of them, these videos are not the same.

If I remember correctly, they walked you through setting up the app on Windows and iOS platforms with a small workout to make sure everything was working properly.

Well that sucks!

The Getting Started videos are still available from the Channel selection on the Library page:

But they do not do what the original getting started videos did.

I think I can recall what you’re referring to. Agreed that the current Getting Started videos don’t seem to have any workout component to them, so won’t actually test the setup.

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Welcome to SYSTM!
There is a bunch of helpful info here:

And if you have any technical questions you can also contact the customer service team:

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Did a ProRide this morning with fitness app turned off and no issues thankfully. My cadence seemed similar to the riders on the video and trainer reacted to all the power targets. Great experience. Exhausted after 1hr of racing - can’t imagine what 4hrs might feel like!