Spindown on SYSTM

I have been using a Kickr Core smart trainer with the Wahoo SYSTM app without issue for the past 6 months however I have recently run into a problem when attempting to perform spindown/calibration for my Kickr core trainer on the Wahoo SYSTM app. I typically run the SYSTM app using an iPad with iPadOS 16.5.1. In the past I would perform spindown by selecting the Kickr from “My devices” under “My Profile” and once having selected the Kickr I was given the option of performing spindown. Currently when selecting “My profile” I am no longer given an option to select devices. Is there another location within the SYSTM app through which I would be able to perform a spindown? I have tried to perform spindown by using an alternate Wahoo app however this did not appear to work and is also quite cumbersome. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Looks like the Wahoo Devices option has been removed from the SYSTM app. Not sure if that was intentional or.not.

Fwiw, I always had a hard time using it for my Kickr ‘18 spindown. Most times either not completing or being next to impossible to find the sensor if I removed it.

I’ve always had much better success using the Wahoo Fitness App. Fairly straightforward I though. Open app, navigate to sensors, tap Kickr, scroll to spindown, do the spindown.

I do this at pretty regular 2 week intervals.

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I guess I’ll just use the Wahoo app, thanks Glen


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Looks like that feature was removed with 7.66.