STAGE 5: BLINDFOLD DYLAN AND DAVE...and make them talk about you

RIDERS! Tomorrow during our Live Stream of Stage 4 - A Very Dark Place - Dylan Robbins and I will do intervals BLINDFOLDED and TALK ABOUT YOU FOR THE DURATION OF THE 4-MINUTE INTERVAL.

Now, there are only 5 intervals in AVDP. So, if you want to blindfold us (according to Sir Neal Henderson this is a psychological torture during intense efforts) and make us say nice things about you, then please show proof of a FRESH, NEW $100 donation to the DPF (could be to yourself, to someone else, to many people, whatever) and give us some idea of what you’d like us to say about you. Bring. It. On.

This content only running on FB, so post your donation here if you want in: Redirecting...


You must be really in the dark, or just suffering from TOS confusion.
You are talking about Stage 5, but your text says Stage 4.