Tos 2022: Stage 4: THE MODEL - What did you find in Unknown Territory?

RIDERS! Stage 4 is now OPEN and takes us into unknown territory - a place we’ve never visited. The Model. I would tell you it’s not as insanely horrific as it looks. But…yeah. I’ll leave you with this though: If we’ve all raised $200k for Team DPF by the time we ride (we need 10k more in the next 11 hours!), then Dylan Robbins and I are going to go all Zoolander on you during our Live Stream. Dig into your wallets and those of your friends!


it is, it really is…


I’m scared for tomorrow!! I have still to get my head around Downward Spiral this evening after a 10 hour shift !!


The Model

Evil that was…

On fresh legs i might of enjoyed that, well kinda, but fresh legs i do not have…


I hated trains yesterday, I love m today.


Holy Grunter that was a beatdown. Cracked on the last interval of the first set at 100%, took the second at 90% but rallied for the last two at 95% and 100%. Good thing the trains scared the Laser Goats away or I would have been zapped.


I did it as soon as it was released, on fresh legs.
To say I’m looking forward to it tonight when fatigued would be, well… maybe not true :slight_smile:


Liked it. Going to be one of my favs for now on. Really not looking forward to “A very dark place”.


Done at 100%. I guess that means I look FABULOUS! :grin:

Two thoughts on the ride. First, the cheeky intro into the ride reminded me a lot of the early Sufferfest vids. Second, at the end of the ride the thing that came to mind was an old horseback riding phrase: Rode hard and put away wet.

That last set was brutal. For me it had far less to do with my legs or my lungs, it was sheer stubbornness that I was going to do it.

Three days to go!


I guess this was payback for my claim yesterday of having better legs than expected.
Contrary to the introductory texts - this was ugly…


Wow! What an incredible workout session! Glorious suffering was achieved, and gallons of sweat was output.

Having ridden Stages 2 and 3 yesterday (Focused option), I started the workout seriously doubting I’d be able to do it at the prescribed 100%. But I did it, and am feeling pretty darn proud of myself right now.

Looking forward to seeing Sirs @David.McQuillen.KoS and @dylan.robbins riding this in drag in a few hours!



A real diamond of workouts! Such a beauty :stuck_out_tongue:


Interestingly this was the least miserable day so far for me. Wondering how much of a hit my legs took without realizing it. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow morning from A Very Dark Place!

Who can tell me what and where that road was that showed up at minute 47 in between 3rd and 4th sets? @David.McQuillen.KoS?? That’s going on my bucket list of rides.


In order of perceived difficulty: 2, 4, 1, 3.

But then by the end of the cooldown I caught myself idly thinking “what if I re-wound and did another set?” – that’s how beautiful the suffering was.

Also: love the fast cuts between the M/F races.


Great Session, good soundtrack…
And “Jean Paul Goatier”… :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl::rofl::rofl: I laughed so loud…

By the way: What was meant by “Better ask Gerry”? :thinking::wink:… Gerrys bucket?


By rights, and by virtue of having a Pursuiter rider type, I should perform better on AVDP rather than workouts with shorter intervals like this cool new The Model - but I suspect it’s the opposite way round, as although challenging there was never a point where I didn’t think I’d survive it. Tmrw will be pure Type 2 fun I suspect. I cope ok with 14VG and Revolver, so this new one seems to be in my wheelhouse. The race footage & music all very slick! Thanks Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS & team for another cracking vid. :+1:t2:


Can anybody help me? I can’t find the video released version, mine is still a novideo ride :sleepy:

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It’s in the Library. You might need to redownload. And, before that, you might want to log out and back into the SYSTM app to force the Library to refresh. Sometimes it doesn’t refresh automatically.


I really liked this workout, hard but not too hard. I loved the video and storyline!

Tomorrow will not be so pleasant…