Stage 7

Can someone confirm if all 3 stage 7 rides need to be back to back?

In the middle of a night shift (terrible timing) and trying to figure out how to manage the tour, family time and sleep :biking_man::sleeping:

While the ideal situation is that you do them back-to-back, sometimes life gets in the way. So – you just need to finish all three of them in the 50 hour window. But do them in the prescribed order : SUF Idol > Blender > Cash Register


Awesome, thanks David!

Sleepless in the saddle it is then :biking_man::love_you_gesture:t3:


Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS if say, you didn’t even think you’d get this far in the tour and to get over the finish line you wanted to do SUF Idol/Cash Register together today and then wrap up with Blender tomorrow, would it still count that you’ve completed Stage 7 and the Tour?

Asking for a friend obviously… :wink:


So long as your (hypothetical) friend registered all three rides completed within the 50 hour open window, they would (hypothetically) be fine.



Thanks, I’ll let my friend know :wink:

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Wasn’t “Sleepless in the Saddle” a Tom Hanks movie? Good Luck @Adamaero17


Haha, no that was Seattle. Sleepless in the saddle is a 24hr bike race in the UK :grin:

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