ToSuf Stage 7 - Which order will you do it in?

Stage 7 looks to be quiet brutal.

I was wondering what order everyone might be planning on doing the sessions in given that Blender will be a bit of a leg buster after stages 1-6.

Currently I’m thinking of:

  1. Cash Register
  2. SUF Idol
  3. Blender

I plan do them in the prescribed order.


Me too, but I am toying with the idea to do SUF Idol on Friday night…


any break in between ? Like for KoS 10mins ?

Not unless I really need a “comfort break”.

I can get through ISLTA in one sitting, which is roughly the same length of time.

Extra bottles will be prepared and on hand, then it’s just get on and do it :grinning:


Now. Sufferlandrian. Would you go and tell the organizers of the Tour de France that you’d prefer to do the Paris stage somewhere in the middle? Or that you might like to move the mountains a little earlier or later in a stage? Of course not. They are to be done in the prescribed order to achieve the most unique and effective Suffering possible. That is SUF Idol > Blender > Cash Register.


Being a Saturday I’ll be warming up with a 5k parkrun in the morning first… then the prescribed order… :sob: to quote Mr Cotty “I’m no stranger to danger”


"So let it be written. So let it be done!’


Oh @Marty, mwahahaha, the questions of the innocent :smiling_imp:

THIS is the order, as written and as intended:
SUF Idol > Blender > Cash Register (you may not know this but Cash Register is an homage to Davis Phinney, himself diagnosed with Parkinson’s and whose foundation the Tours have always supported) so a fitting close to this 10th Anniversary Extrasuffaganza.

However, given that there are 3 distinct workouts, you can always do it first in the prescribed order, then in the other permutations

So, here is your mission:

  1. SUF Idol, Blender, Cash Register
  2. SUF Idol, Cash Register, Blender
  3. Blender, Cash Register, SUF Idol
  4. Blender, SUF Idol, Cash Register
  5. Cash Register, Blender, SUF Idol
  6. Cash Register, SUF Idol, Blender

Please report back with your thoughts when your mission has been completed.

evil laugh


There’s a method to the madness. SUF Idol is designed to warm you up, Blender to continue, and Cash Register to finish you off. It’s going to be a glorious ending to this Tour.


Thank you Sir. You‘re right , it’s basically just 30 mins on top of stage 1. :joy::wave:
Will give it a try, all in or nothin.


Agreed, but unlike the Tour de France the rules do allow as much a break as you want between stages so long as you finish by the time the stage is over.

Is the software smart enough to enforce the order?

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I think if someone chooses to do all 6 permutations of the three workouts (with no more than 10 minutes between), they should be considered for the Paladin of Sufferlandria designation.


It’s about honour (or in today’s parlance, honor :wink: )


Are you suggesting this should be the KOS training plan?

Honour or honor?
That depends on whether Sufferlandria is the centre of the universe or not.


Not so much training, but that if a heroic Sufferlandrian did a 20 hour quest, that perhaps they could be honored as a Paladin, a more elevated Knight.

To be clear, I haven’t decided if I’m even up for a knighthood quest, but am fully confident that I’m not up to Paladin quest.


I, for one, have no doubt that The Prescribed Order is how they shall be done. I think often of those words of encouragement in one of the videos:

We know your legs hurt. Nobody cares.

Don’t actually recall which video that was as I was weeping at the time.


Is that a question? :joy::joy::joy:


Well it might be the center of the universe. :smile: :smile: :smile:

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