Standing starts into FTP

Should the “Standing Starts into FTP” workouts be done in level mode, well at least the 20 second efforts sections. The workout description indicates that you go all out but if left in ERG mode the trainer will keep you to the target zone no matter what cadence you are doing. thanks… found my answer as I started the workout (LEVEL MODE) I did the standing starts in level and the rest in ERG

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yeah you can do that if you can make it work. I find it harder and harder to switch modes as my hands get sweaty, the touch screen gets a bit dodgy for me!

or you can do it in level mode and jsut downshift for the FTP sections, if you have the right gearing to get the power close enough while keeping the cadence comfortable.

Thanks, did it in ERG apart from the standing efforts. I use a laptop with normal keys. I keep it in the 52 ring and the third from the smallest rear cog so when I switch to level I am in about right. Press the 2 key puts me in level 2 and the @ button takes me back to ERG. Seems to work fine