Standing on Bike vs. Smaller Chainring

Hey folks;

I’m using a 1x cx setup on the Wahoo Kickr with SYSTM. I really love the app and the workouts are engaging and fun… but I’ve got one big problem…


Many workouts request standing at an RPM of around ~60 but will stay at a lower power output in ERG mode, which is wildly unhelpful and it’s just too much of a pain to switch in and out of Level mode (unless there’s a quick key for this?) during the middle of a workout.

I’ve been doing these exercises seated which has been fine, but definitely less fun overall or without the function of the position change, which is kind of a bummer.

Should I stick to doing the workouts in Level mode to offset this if I want to incorporate standing? Then I often deal with my power output far outreaching the power goals. Or suck it up and continue seated? After all, there is still outside.

What’s the consensus or experience here?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Stand/sit transitions in ERG mode can be weird. If the instructions are to maintain cadence, then the pedal resistance can be pretty low, which is doable, but not what is usually done riding. If it calls for lower cadence, then you need to lower cadence and wait for the trainer to respond with higher resistance. One trick I sometimes use when a big change in cadence is called for is to shift, up (harder gear) for lower cadence and down (easier gear) for higher cadence. This keeps the trainer flywheel at roughly the same speed so it doesn’t have to adjust as much. That’s doing sit stand per the workout instructions WRT power and cadence.

If you want to modify the workout by doing different power/cadence, you can do that. One way to increase resistance is to increment the power upward using the up/down arrow keys on your keyboard. You can also switch into level mode by pressing the number key that corresponds to the desired level. Press the key normally just to left of “1” on the keyboard, the accent mark ` to go back to ERG mode.

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If I’m understanding correctly, you’re finding that the Kickr can meet the power target in the same gear at the same cadence when seated but not when standing?

Okay awesome, I may switch into level mode for these efforts then. It is a bit awkward for sure. I tend to just pedal very very slowly, well below the cadence target, to keep things feeling less like gravity doesn’t exist anymore.

The problem is that my FTP is set pretty low right now (due to my own fault) and I’ll need to retake the test, and much of the time when the sit/stand efforts happen they are at or around “threshold” power, which realistically is a little difficult on a 42t oval chainring.

Thank you for the thoughtful response!

I do shift down in level mode, but never shift in ERG.

The power mark doesn’t change, but my position changes. If SYSTM is asking me to pedal while standing at 160W and at 65RPM, it doesn’t work very well.

Not shifting it ERG is typical, but it can be done to facilitate large cadence changes as I described.


I’ll give it a shot!

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This was exactly my experience, standing at low power in ERG mode (or level mode even) was practically impossible. It gets easier with time and practice. Control over your posture when there isn’t much opposing force to work against is a useful skill, albeit rarely directly useful for outdoor road biking.

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Right, this is kind of what I have been experiencing but the novelty of it has mostly worn off by this point haha. It was fun to try doing it and I got pretty okay at it, but figured it wasn’t quite doing what was intended.