Standing starts

Just need a definite answer to my question as all the ones I find on here are ambiguous. What is the purpose of the standing start workout?

  1. To start at the highest torque possible and power through for the 20 seconds or so upping the cadence as much as possible to build muscular strength regardless of the power output figures (which will probably be lower than normal)

  2. To start in a highish torque and whack up effort to get a high cadence to get the highest power possible?

Both are completely different workouts and I don’t think the instructions make this clear .

Also I have a strength session today as well should I leave this until after the workout thanks

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I’m going to answer the second question …. STR first, then standing starts. One of the coaches has commented on that in other threads a few times about best form in STR workouts first if doing both in same day (eg that’s what I do when I have STR and Power Station the same day)


On the first question - I believe (edit: it is definitely) it’s option 1

So super low RPMs with very high torque to start and try and get cadence as high as possible by end of 20secs

Have fun.


I find that no matter what gear I use, that from stood still and stationary at 0rpm I hit peak rpm at around 5sec and can sustain that until the end of the 20secs, the harder the gear the lower that peak rpm. What sort of peak rpm is ideal?

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@JGreengrass Last time I did it I was in 52/13 level 0 and max cadence was 121 so try targeting around 120.

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Thanks all. Did it today, started in 52 X 13 at 5rpm and managed to get up to 115 rpm at some point during the sessions in level mode at 1% not sure I could hold it to the end though. But I am only 60 kgs and nearly 69 years old so can’t expect miracles


@ozmadman That sounds like a great effort! Standing Starts is one of those sessions that I haven’t always focused on and even skipped at times but I am finding a lot of benefits now that I am better focused on it.

As I understand it, the goal of the workout is to trigger maximum motor unit recruitment / neuromuscular improvements. A common progression in training plans starts with high cadence sessions and later in the plan moves into the standing starts type of workouts.

As far as when to do your strength workouts and timing with cycling workouts, you should bookmark this post, as it answers your question as well as a similar ones: Strength / Resistance / Weight Training - #4 by Coach.Spencer.R

Hope that helps.


Thanks. 745 watts. I have hit a bit higher than that but that was with a super fast cadence of 190 rpm and a lot lower torque


The purpose of this workout is to simulate a gun start. You want to hit as much power as you can as fast as you can. Think Time Trial if you need a reason. I usually do this workout outside. Since I ride on ‘ordinary’ roads there are those things called traffic signals. I shift UP a gear and roll to a stop. On the green, I clip in and stomp on the pedals until I am spinning and can sit down. Then it’s off to the races for another 20 or so seconds. Easy spinning until the next signal.