Standing Starts BEFORE or AFTER STR?

The old plans used to have a note saying do this one first so I always did it that way. But on the integrated plans in the app it’s shown second. And one of the FAQ documents suggests do it after as well.

Oof. I think of Standing starts AS strength training , but on the bike.

Check the coaches notes for the biking session - the order shown in the calendar isn’t necessarily the order they’re meant to be done in. I have Standing Starts in my plan for next week and the notes say before strength. Could well vary by plan though. If it doesn’t say then I’d go with after, as suggested by the FAQ.

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I reckon you should do them before and after just to be safe.



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Definitely before!

Just wanted to use this thread to say: God, I love Standing Starts! :hearts:

…and the music! Excellent. :wink: (Pat on my back)

Can’t write more. Right in the middle.
Next effort comi…n…g, arrrgh.