Stem Towels

Question about keeping SUF holy water out of my stem.

I removed the clip-on Tri bars from my bike because I rarely use them, largely because I can’t get them to stay put. They always end up rotating. I even put skateboard tape on my handlebars to increase the friction and clamped them over the tape. Still rotated.

Anyway, my Tri bars were great for holding the towels on my handlebars as I wedged the towels between them and my stem and handlebars. Now I only have my wahoo computer mount and that’s much too small to hold them on. I’m thinking of getting some rubber bands to hold on my towels to my stem.

How do you all keep your towels on your stem?

I use a bike thong that covers the stem


I also have a thong thing for the bike and I keep a towel draped over the tops on the left side.


Mine is actually a pile of 3 items
-Bottom is an old white undershirt
-Middle is white bar towel
-Top is an identical bar towel

And I still get sweat into my stem.

But my fan is blowing the corners of my towels off. So I’m thinking of using rubber bands or Velcro straps to hold them down.

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I drape my towel ( in the UK we call them hand towels 50x90cm which is about 20"x36") over my bar and stem, my hands hold it in place. Bonus is it protects the bars from sweat, this is really important because if you let your bar tape get soaked with sweat and are using an alloy bar it can lead to catastrophic corrosion. Google “Drop Bar Corrosion” and prepare to be horrified.

I have a dedicated bike setup on my trainer ( cost less than $250) I’ve removed the bar tape so its all bare/anodised/painted metal that can be wiped down after a ride.


Sir @emacdoug, looks like you massacred a laser goat there…


But they regenerate and respawn quickly.


I use a bike thong as well cost me maybe £20 3 years ago. Well work it. Then hang my towel off the mount for my bike computer. (I use the same bike for training and for riding because … get this … I only have ONE bike gasp!)

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I do something simple. I have a small towel draped over the bar and held in place wit large binder clips. Easy…

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I use a towel which covers the bars, hoods and the whole top tube. No more wiping the bike down after a workout


Working in a bike shop I saw aluminum bars that were very corroded, even corroded through under the bar tape, usually on bikes used indoors a lot. My bars get wet from my sweaty hands. Def something to be aware of.


A bike thong… but crucially a towelling sweat band!
Yes, it’s a bit 1980’s tennis player but rarely does a drop of Holy Water drip onto the bars, and I could wring out the sweatband into the sea of Agonia!

The headwind fan is also brilliant!