Still the best

Having sat on the side lines of the New App debate over on Facebook, can I just say I still think Suff is the best. Yesterday my 12yr old found out that he can get free membership on Zwift (thanks GCN) and he pestered me in to signing him up for it. Now for a bit of his back story: he has been “riding Sufferfests” (dumb trainer, Garmin and just doing what he can - bloomin’ well to be honest) with me on and off for the last 18 months including some of the TOS and loves every minute of it. He’s totally into Lazer Goats and Fluffy just as much as he is into the racing and seeing his favourite riders on screen. Back to my point - Zwift just doesn’t inspire him (or me), I was watching one of his workouts and we are really disappointed by the game like feel of it, in fact numerous references to “game” throughout the session. So to sum up, yes I appreciate there have been changes but for the best in most cases and we both still look forward to putting our bikes on the trainers and Suffering. I’m not sure how long he will continue with Zwift if I’m honest. I won’t post this on FB as it will probably end in arguments but at least on here I can say thank you to all those that make our Suffering possible.