Strange TSS and IF count

There’s something wrong with the workouts imported from my TrainingPeaks to Wahoo Roam.

In the companion app I see the correct TSS number. Whereas in the device the TSS number is 65535 for every workout. Also, there is no IF count in the device, while it shows correct number in the companion app.

What’s going on?

I am new to wahoo elemnt - today is my first day with the unit

I have no idea what the matter is but I can say that 65535 is a 16 bit register all set to 1 (i.e. 0xFFFF), which suggests that some data isn’t being loaded into the correct memory area.


THX so maybe I have to reset the device… or disconnect my TP account and connect again

It’s something to do with the NP or FTP setting as that symbol it’s displaying next to IF (which is NP/FTP) means infinity. That’ll be why the TSS can’t calculate and gives what @titanicus has pointed out is essentially an error code.

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Have you set you FTP in the Profile tab of the Elemnt companion app?

And the bug came back. AGain I see those strange TSS and IF values…

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Sure, but apparenty is’s not the problem. When I made the factory reset I got the right numbers. But now it’s wrong again. Ehh… frustrating