Strava Relative Effort

Would love some feedback from experienced trainers. I did The Models workout on March 7 and then again on March 31. In between I did the tour among other workouts. Strava registered the RE on the 7th at 85 and on the 31st at 57. Yup, I felt stronger but it seems a big difference. Normal, not normal? Is there anything else I should look at in analyzing my progress? The distance traveled looks odd but I attribute it to using Wahoo Fitness app doing virtual speed for one vs Kickr Core for the other.

Thanks in advance

Strava RE is - as I understand it - based on your heart rate. It looks like the average HR on the second workout is higher, and perhaps the maximum HR too? I think the calculation is similar to that what’s used for normalised power. If the HR fluctuations are a bit higher, the RE may be a lot higher…

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Thanks @TrapMeSuf. I may have posted the results in opposite order. My average heart rate was lower for the second workout, down from 150 to 142. Seems small compared to the RE dropping from 85 to 57.