Strength Intermediate 1A - I can handle this…

So just to put this in perspective, I rode a double century in July (1 1/2 months ago). I’ve kept my fitness up, and live in a two story walk up condo, with a dog that I have to walk multiple times each day. I average 100 miles a week on my bike and 15 flights of stairs daily.

With my bike needing some repairs I needed to do something until I could take it into the LBS.

So I’ve done SI 1A before and figured I should start there instead of doing SB 1A…

That was two days ago and my legs are killing me tonight. 20 minutes…. DOMS the gift that keeps on giving!


Haha, yeah, the adaption phase can be cruel.

You can definitely do this! Good choice.

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In general, I find it very difficult to move between strength training levels. I started on Beginner 1A, and am on Beginner 3A/3B right now. It takes me more time than the training plan indicates to move between levels.

I also find (and the coaches have noted this) that moving to a new level makes my legs feel heavier for a while.

Note to @Sir_Brian_M: I spelt/spelled it right this time. :slight_smile:


Ha!!! And I’m looking wistfully at couches!!!

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@Sir_Brian_M @Heretic Try using a foam roller on your legs. It helps loosen the fascia and gets some blood in there to help the recovery process. Warming up with some jumping jacks, light running or light cycling also helps before you do the sessions.

Unfortunately, foam rolling is not likely to work for me.

For the next time. Day 3 and the DOMS are gone. And my bike is back from the shop. A seized bottom bracket bearing. $30 later bike is almost good as new, except for some new scuff marks


@Sir_Brian_M, wish my LBS could turn stuff around that quickly. Hence doing everything myself in my basement.

Took a work trip to Florida this spring, and scheduled an appt with a mobile shop for while I was there. Literally came in a van to where I was staying, spent a couple hours in the back, and I was off. Man I wish we had that service here.

I believe Velofix provides residential bicycle service to some parts of New England. I have never used them, but you might want to give them a try.

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I spoil the mechanics rotten. There’s a pizza pub next door, so I buy them pizza or nachos periodically. Keeps me in their good graces.


My mechanic is a mobile mechanic. He either picks up and drops off my bike and does the work in his home workshop, or he’ll do it in the back of his van. It’s brilliant as I can often commute to work, meet him there and hand over the bike. Go to work for the day and he’ll drop it off in time for me to ride home.
I look after my mechanic too, now that I’ve found a good one. Means my bike gets prioritised over anyone else’s :grin:


And the socks. I’m sure the socks play.


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@Heretic A lacrosse ball also is a good option and there are other hand held rollers - sort of like a rolling pin - that work well too.

@Heretic The R8 Roll Recovery is amazing. It’s been a game changer for my recovery.