Strength Training Equipment

Can anyone help me with the below strength training required equipment? What do you use and where did you buy the equipment from/what is the name of the item I need to search for!

I am uk based. Thanks in advance for your help :+1:

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This should help. I think folks on your side of the ocean call them resistance bands. But, a used inner tube will work the same way.


Note it says USED inner tube. I have a set of resistance bands, but I also have several blown tubes as well (one looked good until I pressure tested it and the bang wasn’t something I expected). BTW. NEVER use TPU tubes for this purpose.
Just adjust the tube to fit and away you go. Yes, you can adjust resistance of a tube.

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I can second the @Glen.Coutts and @jmckenzieKOS used tube recommendation. They can be used to add resistance to body weight squats, leg abduction, leg abduction and leg raises. When I had my knee replaced I had an tube that had a permanent address in my chair. I’d do leg raises in between the ice sessions. Need more resistance just cut the tube and the it short and/or add more.

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