What to do with extra time

Hi. I’d be interested to hear some opinions from the Sufferlandrians about my situation.

Currently, I follow an All Purpose Road Plan (advanced) with Yoga and Strength. So generally it means strength & cadence drills on Tuesdays and Fridays, hard sessions on Wednesdays, a little lighter on Thursdays, then longish sessions on the weekends with a lot of variety (e.g. ISLAGIATT, mash ups). This works out to about 7 hours/week of riding. I’ve used this approach for a couple of years now and have seen good improvements.

I take pride in being an “all rounder” although with COVID my racing has mostly been short TT’s (15 kms) instead of the criteriums and short road races I used to do. Soon I might be cutting back on my work hours which provides about 1 more day available for riding or rest during the week.

If I were to change just 1 thing in the standard plan to take advantage of the extra time what would you suggest?

It could be (a) do nothing since there is already enough pain/fatigue delivered by the current plan, (b) go easier but longer on the weekends to build endurance, or something else.

Interested to see what you suggest.

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Personally, I do some easy running on my “off” days. Usually 2-3 miles. But sometimes up to 5-6 depending on what the plan looks like.

I actually started as a runner eons ago before I got serious about cycling. Definitely worth considering, thanks

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I would recommend keeping the plan as it is as the recovery days are important to allow your body to recharge. If you are looking to be pushed a little harder though, a customised plan may be a good option here so you can discuss all this in more detail directly with your coach?

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