Can’t find any post ride stretch that includes quads, at the moment I’m using the post ride stretch for lower back pain, tight hams and calf’s and adding my own quad stretch

From memory: yoga core strength 2 has quad stretch (I think)

Look for half Frog or full Frog pose for a good quad stretch. one of the hip series has one that starts with table pose and then moves to a pose where you grab your foot and pull in. Dancer pose is also good for working on stability and stretching the quads if you cannot stay on your knees for a long period of time.

I have to admit, I’m not the most dedicated yogi, so I do not know which videos specifically incorporate quad stretches. BUT I do recommend the Hip Flexor and Groin Recovery, both Hip Openers, Side Bends, and any and all other poses that open up the hips, groin and torso. In addition to stretching your quads, it’s important to stretch the muscles on the opposite side of the joints that those muscles also connect to- the hips and knees. Your basic seated or standing quad stretches should be sufficient for the quads specifically, and it sounds like you’re doing the hamstring and calf videos which is great. Being tight in the hip flexors, psoas, adductors, and obliques can all contribute to feeling tight in the quads as well, so be sure you’re stretching those just as much as the quads!
*And one pro tip for when you’re doing any of the hip flexor and psoas stretches- when your hip is extended and you’re stretching the front of the hip, like a low lunge, contract (squeeze or tighten) your glute on that same leg for additional benefit. When you contract any muscle, the opposing muscle must relax. So in this case, contracting the glute helps you get more stretch on the hip flexor.

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