Indoor training alternative

Hi all, quick one,
I am three weeks into the all purpose 12 week plan and I want to get outside a bit more than I am. What is the best way to swap out sessions?

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Hi there. Swapping session:

The world is your oyster as they say. Personally I look at what’s important to me in the plan and then make sure I don’t fatigue the cr*p out of myself the day before the most important sessions.

If I’m super keen on making sure my VO2 workout if the week happens as best I can and let’s say that’s a Monday.

If I swap out something at the weekend, I’d either
Ride Sat and rest Sun so that I can hit my VO2 hard on the Monday or if I wanted to / needed to because that’s when friends were around, ride on Sunday, I’d then push the VO2 workout to Tuesday

And so on.

Basically I make sure I am not goosed before the harder workouts. And if there’s a hard workout planned same day as an outdoor ride then it’s a straight swap. Ignore the indoor one and make sure I work hard outdoors (at least for some of the time)


Thanks, that’s what I was thinking.
Cheers for the input.

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