How to replace outdoor sessions with indoor sessions?

Today I did the Full Frontal test after the All-Purpose Road (intermediate + strength) plan. I am satisfied with the results: D
Now the question is what next …
I am a mountain biker. I was thinking of the Pre-Season XC Mountain Bike or All-Purpose Road (advanced) plan.
Pre-Season XC looks ok, but has weekend sessions outside. For the next few weeks, bad weather will not allow me to go outside. What kind of workouts can I replace outdoor sessions (such as Trails: Cruising or Trails: Sending It) with indoor sessions? Which workouts should I use? The outdoor sessions are at a different stage of the training and are of different lengths so it can be difficult to replace them with indoor sessions. That’s why I’m leaning more towards the All-Purpose Road plan. Any suggestions?

Welcome @romeq! I have done the pre-season MTB plan. Generally they are 1 and 2 hour rides and if you don’t want to head outdoors you can definitely find a similar video and perhaps modify the intensity if needed or even just do one of the open workouts and set power and cadence based on what the workout otherwise prescribed and then just watch something else while on the trainer.

If you haven’t tried Cobbler check it out. I used it as a substitute for a two hour “Send It” MTB workout a month or two ago - it includes some climbing and over/under threshold work.

The problem is I don’t know every workout exactly.

It is a pity there are no workout alternatives for outdoor rides. I’m afraid that I will choose too strong workouts;)

I will try cobller next time.