SUF Idol in ERG mode?

Hi there!

I’m doing SUF Idol tomorrow and I am wondering if it’s possible to do this in ERG mode, although the SUF app advises Level mode. I understand that this is (mainly) because of the 10s spint intervals, but I am curious if anyone here has ever done this in ERG mode and how you experienced this.

I am asking because my main focus is on AC and MAP and I really like to ride these intervals in ERG mode.

Another option I am considering would be to ride in ERG but switch to Level only for the sprint intervals… anyone who tried that?

Curious about your thougths on this!



Hi. This is often trainer dependent (how quick / ‘nice’ the transitions are)

For what is worth I do this in ERG sometimes.
And sometimes I switch between level and erg given how easy SUF have made it with keyboard shortcuts.

Also do the same on Violator.

It’s all good basically

Have fun.


First in ERG, then Level…

Do yo mean back to back? :slight_smile:

Yep - then repeat the one that worked best to make sure…





I keep my bike in erg mode as much as I can, and use the buttons on the handlebars to switch to level mode for sprints or high effort blocks that are above what I can sustain smoothly. I switch back to erg mode for the recovery/rest parts so it’s consistent and I don’t over stretch myself.

(the buttons are on the Wahoo Kickr Bike and I don’t even have to take my hands off the bars).



Not all heroes wear capes, @Pierre.



Well now you’re just showing off @Fezzek . :wink:

I’m very fortunate, and I realize that every day. The bike just works, it’s smooth, and does everything you need.

Every now and then I read about other peoples problems with trainers and I am reminded how lucky I am to have it. I don’t have a road bike as a result though, so everyone else’s bikes for outdoor riding, even if they are 30 year old steel monsters are better than my outdoor road bike which doesn’t exist.



I’ve found SUF Idol to be fine in ERG so long as I get wound up in time for the start of the big efforts (I do the same for Shovel too)…

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And you don’t have to go all out on the Cadence Builds and Holds workouts. :wink:

I did it yesterday in ERG mode: I have the new KICKR v5 and it mostly worked fine. Just one of the 6 NM sprints kicked in 3-4 second later so I had a bit of a shorter workout :slight_smile:
Also I’ve noticed that ramping up cadence when the resistance increases sometimes messes it up.
And also sometimes I had to go go down to 70RPM since the resistance started too suddenly.

I think it will be cool if the workout switched from ERG mode for the warmup then automatically to level for the 3 intervals

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Too bad my laptop is pretty far from my bike. Would be cool to have a “companion app” to control the desktop version from a mobile phone attached to the bike

Thank you all for your answers!
I did it in ERG mode and all transitions were quite smooth.
Will try the same for The Shovel next week!

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I’m going to try this in erg mode next time. I find the constant changes a bit too much for my brain to think through when I’m putting that much effort in. Not enough blood to expect my brain to function correctly.