Sufferfest 4DP FTP settings 20min or 60min

I am new to sufferfest and don’t know what value I should write into the 4DP FTP field. It says “FTP” and then “20min power”.

Everywhere else FTP is typically a 60 min effort and it is sometimes derived from a 20 min effort. Therefore I am confused, if I should enter my real FTP or my 20 min power.

I personally can currently do around 315w for 60 min and 340w for 20 min. What value should I enter?

I ask because I did a workout that felt very easy (in contrast to the motivational text in the video) and the threshold efforts were at 95% of my FTP.

Ideally, you should do Full Frontal and find out your correct 4DP based FTP.

In this instance, though, the two are synonymous essentially.
It says “20-minute power” because the way Full Frontal works it uses a fatigued 20-minute effort to determine your FTP value. This is “interchangeable” with an FTP value acquired elsewhere, so for the time being you should be using your 60 minute time, but getting the correct profile altogether would be better.


More precisely, anywhere between 40 and 70 minutes.


As Jon said, put 315w as your FTP. The Sufferfest calculates FTP a little differently to the traditional 95% of 20 min effort. You’ll find out when you get to ‘enjoy’ Full Frontal, hopefully you’ve got this scheduled in the near future? If not it’s worth doing to get the most out of your workouts. If you’re not planning to tackle Full Frontal, then I’d have a look at Half Monty to get your numbers up to date.


Isn’t that less precise? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I realized the error afterwards :rofl:

The concept of FTP - 1 hour sustainable power - being meassured as a % of your 20 minute power, is flawed. SUF recognized that when developping their model, so did Xert.

For many people, FTP equals their 1 hour power, but generally - and not more accurately - it varies between 40 and 70 minutes, depending on the athlete.


OK, thanks!

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Welcome to the Sufferfest.
I think you already got lots of great advice here so I would just recommend using the values you inputted for a ride or 2 to familiarise yourself with how the platform works but then you can also follow our 14day trial plan (in the app go to the ‘Training Plans’ tab and then it is under ‘Special Focus’) This will have you doing our Half Monty Ramp test on day 3 which will give you a much more accurate FTP and MAP for the rest of the rides.

Failing that, go for it with the Full Frontal prep plan :slight_smile:


I am already doing a 12 weeks plan. In week six there is the Half Monty Test. Will be fun… Until then I can adjust on the fly. I can feel and infer my FTP fairly well, so the test is no real issue for me.

I only wanted to avoid to train with to little or too much target power for the whole plans duration.

Thank you all for responding so quickly. I am set now and will reflect in 12 weeks…