Half Monty 20 min or 60 min FTP?

Hi. Matt, new user. I’ve completed the Half Monty test. Systm calculated my FTP (or 20 min FTP) to be 239W. The problem is that sometimes (in the athlete profile), it says 239 is my 20 min FTP, while elsewhere (in the “Your Half Monty Results are in!” email I received) it’s marked as “FTP”, which I believe is power I’m able to sustain over 1 hour.

Which one is it?

@muszek The 20 minute test estimates the power you can hold for an hour without actually having to pedal for an hour.


@JSampson thank you, I do get the point of extrapolating the data… but why does it say “FTP (20 minute)”?

Because that was the length of the test you did to achieve that number.

Start thinking about these numbers as your “workout profile” and nothing much more than that.

FTP, traditional FTP, has only ever really been “sustainable power” and whether that sustained period is 20 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours etc has depended on the person to some extent also.

It’s really named FTP in Sufferfest simply because that’s a term people recognise and it’s the closest value in Sufferfest.

The 4DP profile is to set your training levels for the Sufferfest plans, to which end it doesn’t really matter whether you consider it to be 20 minutes or an hour, it’s simply going to define your levels for the videos which will determine the lengths of the efforts.