Sufferfest Integration with iOS Calendar?

Great idea for a forum - I am a big Sufferfest fan! I am, however, nowhere close to being an IT ninja, hence my somewhat clumsy and not-at-all knowledgable suggestion!

I would find it really useful if my Sufferfest Training Plans could appear in my iOS (/Android for those that do!) calendar as a ‘one-stop’ life organiser!

Anyone know if this is possible, or whether the ‘juice would not be worth the squeeze’?


Couple of days ago I posted this one and also mentioned in another deleted thread, where @Cody.Moore replied but is not available anymore


There is a ‘feature’ in the premium edition of Training Peaks where they give you a url for the .ical

I assume you mean an option to have the Sufferfest calendar as an .ical - at a guess it should be somewhere in the product backlog.


Yep. This is something we’d love to do – being able to share your SUF calendar to your iCal and Google calendars. We’ve got some other issues to solve first – such as drag and drop workouts, deleting workouts, etc, but we’d love to make this happen. When? Not sure but it wouldn’t happen before the end of the year, I’m afraid. Some other big things in the works.


Many thanks for the response. It is not something that I cannot live without and I appreciate the many challenges which you will be undertaking - thank you and I hope to see this functionality in the future.

Keep up the great work!


it has been a year. Don’t you think it’s about time you integrate this feature ?


it’s not the end of the year yet. besides… Sir David didn’t mention the end of which year :wink:


David said it in July 2020… and let’s be honest - nothing major happened in the app in a very VERY long time. TR and Zwift keep upgrading, but other than changing your logo nothing really happened in SUF for a long time. It’s really about time to give some clear answers or some sort of timed road map.

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You’re absolutely right. We’ve released new content, but there haven’t been any new features in the app in a long while. There’s a reason for that: we’re building something new and it’s taking all of our capacity and then some. I’ll write a bit more about this toward the end of the month to give you guys some more insight - but we will be launching new stuff around the start of the indoor training season. It’ll be worth the wait (for all of us).


Thanks for the info, David!

BTW, I live in Israel, Its 90-100F here in the summer :wink: Its full-blown indoor season for us :rofl:

Hi team, can’t see the feature one year later and new app… it should be developed please. Understand need the time to develop but it isn’t something new. Returning back after SYSTM announcement I was excited and assumed that it will be integrated but nope :-1: Please, could you move faster here? Thanks


@pedro.martinez77 I couldn’t say it better. @David.McQuillen.KoS what do you say?

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This would be so awesome !!! Please make it happen.

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This feature would really really be great. This way my minions can see what’s coming in the weeks ahead so they won’t be surprised when I am on the bike (again)


Hi team! EOY is coming and we’d like to see a great Xmas gift for those supporting your app, c’mon let’s do it please, move forward iOS integration @David.McQuillen.KoS


I didn’t see any progress on related topic and others that I am interested. I thought that joining Wahoo we would see improvements quicker but it is not happening so sadly, I am coming back to cheaper Zwift.
If you develop quicker I will come back.

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