Supplemental Training plan for intermediate

Dear Coaches,
I am a 50+ year old, new member on SUF this week, been riding for years recreationally (MTB, Road and now gravel). Got a Kikr at Christmas (thanks to a lovely wife) and been riding indoors using Zwift. Did their “Back to fitness” plan and riding outdoors and indoors 4-5 times each week.
Would like to increase my FTP and VO2 max and need a training plan to be integrated with outdoor rides…any suggestions? Also need to lose weight but that is another issue…:weary::weary:
Thanks so much for any advice or help you can convey

Hi @Ado376 , welcome to the SUF world!

Many of the training plans offer Indoor + Outdoor options, including most of the plans under the ‘Road’, ‘Gravel’, and ‘CX and MTB’ categories.

The plans will be targeted to your rider profile and weaknesses that you identify through doing the Full Frontal 4DP (four-dimensional power) test. That tests your 5 second, 1 minute, 5 minute and 20 minute power to give you a complete power profile.

So my recommendation would be to do the 4DP test first (see the ‘Full Frontal Prep Plan’ in the ‘Special Focus’ category), then select one of the regular training plans, based on your goals. The All-Purpose Road is a good one for general fitness improvement if you don’t have more specific targets.

Finally, you can always take some of the indoor workouts outside. At the moment, there isn’t a direct way of loading a SUF workout into your bike computer, but people do have ways of doing that. I’m sure others will chime in with suggestions here.

Thanks so very much…@Way9e0
I do have a Wahoo Roam and wondered if that could be used to run the workout/training plan outdoors?
Much appreciated

There is some info about ways of getting a workout onto your bike computer here: Exporting outdoor ride plans to my bike computer

Unfortunately, it’s not yet something that’s integrated with the SUF app.

I should add that I am not a coach; I’m just trying to offer some suggestions and recommendations.

Much appreciate advice

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