Returning after surgery

Hello :wave: I’ve just had surgery on my ankle on Tuesday just gone and am in a foot cast for 2 weeks. I can then start building back up my training. I wondered what would be a recommended training plan for this? I was almost finished doing the Power Builder and have been a member for a couple of months now.

Get on your bike and work on spinning with one foot, lady! In two weeks your pedal stroke will be like butter…on one side anyway.


Hello @Hburnside24 , Welcome to the Forum! Happy to hear you are on the other side of your surgery. The most important factor will be listening to your body, taking the time to heal properly now will actually get you back on the bike and the road to fitness sooner! I would suggest you begin with the Couch to Crusher 10 week Training Plan. This plan is a two weeks on 1 week off recovery cycle. If you feel any pain be sure to stop the workout and you can always reduce intensities if required. Don’t forget to include some basic stretching and when approved by your Doc you can begin some SUF Strength. All The Best!!