Indoor rides not syncing

My indoor rides on the SYSTM app are not being added to the history page on the Elemnt app (Android phone is used for the rides). Other data is there it is just the history part that seems to be the issue. I have had this twice now (last time about a month ago) and the Minions sorted it but its back again. My last synced workout is 14 vice grips on the 15th August. thanks

@ozmadman How about RGT rides? So you use the same email and password for both accounts? Have you tried pulling down in the Element app a few times to get it to sync? Sometimes it takes a while.

Thanks… Yes and yes

I don’t do any RGT rides at the moment cheers

Have seen an issue today on a friend’s setup with no rides synching in SYSTM calendar and not to Strava or other connected apps. This has occured for his Sunday through to Tuesday (today) rides. He’s on app version 7.44.0

Will raise a ticket with the Minions but seems a bit odd to have 3 days worth not synching. He has the spinning wheel of synching for all 3 days. Just wanted to check I’m not missing something obvious here.

They have been manually set to completed to show the green but you can see the actual rides still synching away here

I am having the same issue. I did nine hammers yesterday. After the ride it showed syncing but never did. Today I reopened the app and it shows red as if I never did it. The same happened to me on Thursday. Right now the calendar is blank in the past except yesterday. I use an iPad running iPadOS 15.6.1 and version 7.44.0 of SYSTM.

Today it did not sync but it was different behavior. After the ride I clicked the save button. The screen went back to my calendar but did not show syncing at all. When I click on the ride in the calendar it is as if I never rode it.

Hey Peter, Same thing happened with Revolver to me last night on my iPad Pro. if you figure it out let me know. Thx


I did a workout on Tuesday that did actually sync. That was the first in 2 weeks.

Great! Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Thx