SYSTM and Elite Direto

Does anyone else use SYSTM with an Elite Direto, and an iPad (so control via Bluetooth)?

Having some major issues, so would like to understand if it’s just me before raising a ticket

I’ve had that combo for a few years (Sufferfest, now SYSTM). No issues for me. You should raise a ticket.

Richardk, I have that exact same set up and (sorry to say) it worked pretty well from day one. I use the Elite supplied cadence sensor and a Garmin Dual band Heart rate monitor. My iPad is 4th generation running the latest OS for iPad.

You don’t say exactly what your issues are, but in my experience a lot depends on quality of internet access via Wi-Fi. If the connection is flaky the whole system will fail. I have my Wi-Fi router around 10 feet from my set up and speed test on iPad show I’m getting good speeds to iPad.

Oh, one final thought, I have found that if I did have any issues a proper reboot of the iPad sorted them out.
Good luck

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Thanks Smudger and Simon. The problems are that in erg mode, the reported power coming back from the Direto is initially around 40W under what it should be for the workout (workout target says 120W, trainer says 80W). Switching to level mode, or powering off/on the trainer doesn’t fix the issue (but the Direto makes lots of grinding noises). Then the trainer goes into super high resistance mode and I can’t pedal.

Gave up after 10 minutes of tapers last night, and found a workout on my Garmin 530 (I assume ANT connection to the Direto). It worked virtually perfectly - levels were exactly where they should be, no noises from the trainer.

I’ve raised a ticket with SYSTM, and greased the gear shaft/spindle in the Direto so we’ll see what next steps are

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Hi Richard, I have the same problem in the combination Direto XR, SYSTM and iPad (normally also with cadence sensor from GARMIN).

In ERG mode, I always orient myself to the cadence. I have noticed that the problem you describe occurs mostly when you ride above the target cadence. If you stay just below it, the deviation in the watt settings is non-existent or only marginal.
I once found a recommendation on the ELITE website (?), where it was also noted that you should always use the small chainring for ERG mode.
I think it’s a problem in the measurement and control, i.e. somewhere between the app and the ergometer. And that, unfortunately, is where the real problem lies… no one really feels responsible. Wahoo says it’s an error in the Ergo, Elite says it’s an error in the app. By the way, I had no problem with the ELITE Suito at the time.

What I haven’t tried yet is to do a training session with a laptop or iPhone. I will do that one day. At the moment, I’m using the procedure listed above. It’s not pretty, but it works.
I have no problems in trainer mode, i.e. when I run 4DP or the step test and determine the new performance values.

Hi Richard, I have the Elite Direto XR but run SYSTM on Windows 10 so not sure if that could influence power level communication between the software and Elite trainer.

I have a similar issue with the trainer going into high resistance when stopping/starting but believe this is SYSTM broadcasting the required power figure (even before the workout has started or when paused) and the trainer obliging making the force required when starting from a cadence of zero very hard. Out of the saddle I am able to overcome the force and as soon as I get the cadence up into the 40s and above the force is a lot less and I can progress to the required cadence. I was initially unsure about forcing the trainer but there doesn’t seem to be an alternative (tried switching to levels but this didn’t ‘release’ the resistance. For info I’m in the small chainring at the front and middle of the block at the back.

Regarding power matching I found the trainer to be poor at the start of a workout and especially at lower power targets but accuracy and response improved during the workout as the power target increased. I think the response time is driven to some extent by how smooth I’m pedaling, which as a newbie is pretty erratic!

Finally, I doubt it will make much of a difference but have you downloaded the latest firmware for the trainer via the Elite Upgrado app? I bought my trainer 2 weeks ago and was surprised that its firmware was already three versions out of date.

Good luck in finding a solution and it will be good to hear what SYSTM support suggest.

I’ve been using a Direto X connected to my iMac for a couple of years now with no real issues. Only minor problem is often getting very high resistance initially when starting off - as others have reported. But ERG mode worked very well for me with SUF and now SYSTM. A friend of mine has an older Direto and that works fine too. He connects with an iPhone.

I presume your Direto is on latest firmware? Although I don’t think it’s changed for a long time.

My Direto XR has been great with The Sufferfest and Systm. Love it.

Coming from a Kickr Snap (wheel on trainer with a pretty big fly wheel) I noticed a power “floor” determined mostly by my starting gear. I’ve found best / accurate power comes from using my bigger gears, but not the biggest.

That, and definitely check the firmware updates.

Update time - I have a TCKT in with Wahoo to get this checked. I’ve downloaded videos, using front chainring, all other devices powered off, calibrated etc.

For those of you with a Direto, what are the pro rides like? I rode the UAE pro ride 2 today as a deliberate test of a workout with lots of power changes. Unfortunately, the trainer regularly ‘stuck’ at high resistance levels on the video sections with low power (never stuck at low resistance though…). There were regular graunching noises from the turbo, and occasionally sounds like a gear/thread was trying to engage but bouncing instead. TSS for the ride was 45 compared to predicted 38 because there wasn’t as much rest…

From reading the Direto Facebook page, this sounds like a broken stepper motor. I’ll wait for confirmation from Wahoo, but it might be time to shop for a new trainer…

New trainer ordered - came to the same conclusion as the support team that the Direto was the problem.

New trainer = full frontal doesn’t it?


Usually, yes but I may, tentatively, add that if you have ordered the same trainer as a replacement they’ll probably be close enough to not require a new FF.

On the other hand, just do an FF anyway because they’re fun :grinning:

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Agreed with both sentiments. I’ve been running an original Direto for 3 years and a new Direto XR for the last 3 months. Both are within 2 - 3 watts of my dual sided Garmin Vector’s power readings. So, if you ordered a new Direto, you should be good to go without a new Full Frontal.

That being said, doing a new Full Frontal is a good idea if you haven’t done one for a while, or if the one you’re relying on was done with the faulty Direto.

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I’ve gone with a Saris H3 (combination of price, availability, and reviews from DC Rainmaker), so FF here I come! I was due one, but wasn’t confident in the Direto’s ability to give accurate results.

I don’t think it would be fair to make to first workout an FF though, I’ll break the trainer in gently…

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