SYSTM Freemium

A friend of mine just tried to convince me that all SYSTM workouts are freely available without premium subscription.
I have a premium subscription for a several years now I am sticking to it, yet I wonder what are the actual differences between freemium and premium with regard to SYSTM (skipping RGT part).
Are ALL workouts available?
Are 4DP / HM available?
Are plans available?
While I could find premium subscription description on Wahoo web pages, I couldn’t see any hint about freemium one.

There isn’t one.
You have a trial subscription, or you have a subscription.
Without being either on a confirmed trial period or subscribed then you don’t have (legal) access.

RGT still allows free access to the free roads, but that’s not exactly SYSTM.


I vaguely recall there being an extremely limited (like… 7?) number of videos available without an active subscription and that was it.

16 Workouts:

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I do not see that option on the iPhone, PC, or iPad

Thank you!
BTW how you get that filter type? I cannot see it either on my Windows app or Web.

the “free” option appears on the account where the subscription has ended


I think you can have some kind of freemium (like after trial/subscription expiration):
Here comes quite recent @jean.harrison (Wahoo Team member) post:

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So it looks like freemium is limited to 16 workouts including FF & HM, no real plans available (what you can make out of 14 workouts after all?).
Thank you sir @jacek .

Surprising that they leave the test protocols available too.
I’d imagine they plan to cycle some of the other content so that it acts as an incentive for people to resubscribe if they get to see some of the new content, but not all.

They also include three introductions from a week with. Those are not workouts by any stretch of the imagination.

Only 11 real workouts then.

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Nor Mac.

As it was pointed out by sir @jacek and in the linked post above, you need to be “freemium subscriber” to see it.